If you are anything like me, all the memes on social media that were funny a few weeks back are getting a little too real now. I find myself resembling them more than I would have ever thought.

Gray roots, frizzy hair, overgrown eyebrows; who am I? I’ve been trying to convince myself it’s ok because everyone looks this way. Well guess what? I’ve decided to take back this time as a way to really show myself some self-love. After all, we can all use a little personal attention at a time like this.

This week I did something different.

I’ve decided to turn the “isolation blues” into “isolation dos.” It’s time to take care of yourself! Here are a few tips for keeping your hair healthy at home when you have a little more down time than usual

  1. Ease Up on Washing

This is easy to say, considering the current situation. But really, wash your hair every other day or wait longer if you can. This gives your hair some time to rest and let your natural oils do their work.

  1.  Use a DIY Hair Treatment

My fav is banana, honey and olive oil. Just mash ’em up and let it sit on your hair for 10-20 minutes. There are tons of other recipes online for different hair types too, so the options are endless. Chances are, you have more than enough lying around your house to give your hair a little treat.


  1. Use a T-shirt or Hair Turban

The DreamDry Dream Turban is my favorite, but anything gentler than a towel will help. Rubbing a towel on your head is harsh and could cause hair breakage. The turban gives your hair some relief while keeping it out of the way.


  1. Be Cool

Take a break on the heat! Give your dryer, flat iron or curling iron a break. All of these tools cause your hair to break and split. You may not be able to cut them out completely if you’re still trying to get some style, just use it less than you normally do! My hair is curly- so now that I have time on my hands- I let my hair air dry and then touch it up with the iron.


Here’s to emerging with healthy, shiny hair! Best wishes.